It’s June 23th… we’re three days into summer… and I’ve come to the sad realization that I’m just not excited about summer anymore.  That it comes in like any other season… sticks around for a while, and then leaves just as swiftly as it came.  Time is now dictated by bill payment due dates and grocery needs.  By doctor’s appointments and work deadlines and performance reviews.  The seasons really only affect the view out my office window and my commute to and from work.

It’s amazing how time can change when you’re not paying attention.  I remember when summer meant relaxing and no school and staying up late.  The summers I went to camp and spent a week in a cabin gossiping with other girls about the cute boys from the boys’ camp.  Or the summer that my brother insisted watching Ghostbusters every single morning all summer long… so I can now recite the movie in my sleep.  Or the summer we drove across country to visit my family in Kansas City… stopping at McDonald’s for lunch every day because they were giving out legos with each Happy Meal.

I watch my kids and see how excited they are about summer… how the word brings images of magic and excitement that just isn’t possible with any other season.  Lightning bugs and sleepovers and sitting by a fire in the backyard.

I envy the ability to see each new day as a chance for something different… to really see the potential in each day.

Bon Jovi’s “Never Say Goodbye” is playing on my radio… I wish we all knew how fast things change… how precious time and the seasons are.  How much we’d miss them someday.


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  1. Suzy L
    Jun 23, 2010 @ 17:27:59

    I love this essay Sara…it’s so stinking true for most ‘grown-ups’ (and I hate that word – hate it!) I hate that my work (working out of a home office) is so affected by summer and conversely love the freedom it gives me and my whole family! I actually resent being tied to a school schedule (not my kids but my teacher husband’s!!) I still see summer through the eyes of a child. Luckily, those eyes are mine!
    I’m blessed in many many ways…having you as a friend is one of them!


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